We offer two different options if you wish to pawn your jewellery.

We offer a 1 month contract and we also offer 6 month contracts.

We offer more money per gram for an item for a 1 month 'Buy Back' as opposed to a 'Pawn'. Because of this we have different rates of interest for a 1 month and a 6 month contract.


1 Month Contracts - 'Buy Backs'

Sale and Repurchase Option Agreement

These are contracts in which the buyer agrees to buy the item they are pawning at a agree price after 1 month.

Borrow £100 on an item. Pay back £122.00 after the end of the month.

Don't have all the money to pay off the item. Just renew the contract and only pay the interest.


6 Month Contracts - 'Pawns'

Borrow £100 on an item. Pay back £159.40 at the end of the 6 month service.

1 Month £100 @ 9.9% = £109.90 to pay back after one month of the contract.

3 Months £100 @ 9.9% = £129.70 to pay back after 3 months of the contract.

This amount is based on an interest rate of 9.9% of the pawn value per month.

Want to pay off the item earlier, why not come in earlier and pay off less. The price to pay back is based on how long the item has been with us.

Want to pay small amounts off at regular intervals? Just come in whenever you want and pay off whatever you would like.


Part payments welcome

Don't have all the money to take the item back. Why not renew the item and you only have to pay the interest.

Gold, Silver, Electronics, Collectables, all things considered for pawning.

Any item sold to us under one of these agreements is liable to being lost if the repayments are not met.